Taksim Gonen Hotel


Istanbul, Four Star

Taksim Gönen Hotel, with its quality, serves in the middle of Taksim. The Hotel which is getting active for years in the tourism sector, by putting forward the satisfaction of customers, continue to get more intense from day to day for you precious guests, not to concede quality standards and service policy. With smiley face serving policy and Professional staff, Taksim Gönen Hotel works 7/24 for you, by putting forward the quality, just thinks your comfort. Whether you are traveling for business or just for holiday, with their experiences and skills, professional and friendly staff does their best for you to have a nice day and to ensure that your stay is both enjoyable and comfortable. In the heart of Istanbul, you are definitely at the right place in order to enjoy your stay. Taksim Gonen Hotel, the place where the history of three mighty empires was staged. This magical city was created like a jewel in the hands of history . Taksim Gonen Hotel Istanbul Taksim the foreigner is welcome to Istanbul, this city that sets the tone of time, and maybe that foreigner will leave Istanbul a little less foreign than when he or she arrived, with a new understanding and appreciation of Turkish culture. Taksim Gonen Hotel Istanbul Taksim the aim is to make your stay in Istanbul memorable, comfortable, and above all, relaxed. The Taksim Gonen Hotel is a superior, first-class property which lies in Taksim Square in the heart of Istanbul.